All This Stuff…

that I love sooo much~

This cute little lady whose on her way out the door–again–headed to some foreign country. Where is it this time….hmm? Oh, yes~ Ireland…for work.

She’s quite the lucky duck, wouldn’t you say?

Finding out that the Citronella candles that I found on the discount aisle really truly keep the bugs away. Who’d of guessed?

This ancient man cat that is actually sooo old that we can’t figure out how old he actually is. But we have a picture of the Bald Kid drinking a bottle and this silly thing is on his lap. That’s old.

Finding out that going yeast and sugar free–for a while–still leaves a ton of scrumptious choices. Picture me…without my Cheetoes.

Hard to fathom–I know.

Watching some guy who I thought was pruning trees at the library, only to find that he was–in actuality–putting up CHRISTMAS LIGHTS!! Quick before the snow falls! Wahooo!

My brand new, beautiful, amazing Chicken Coop. At last–at last! My dream of channeling Laura Ingalls Wilder might just be coming true. More on the Chickies to come. :}

Gathering more stuff to add to the latest care package for our boy in Siberia. This time the protein–some of it, at least–is coming in the form of…

Reese’s Peanut Butter Pumpkins.

They don’t have them in Siberia…and he needs them.

Realizing, just today that Irish Soda Bread doesn’t have any yeast in it. Hallelujah!

A batch a day should do it.

Watching all this lovely rain that landed on us in the valley which meant…

that all of this was landing on those pretty mountains.

Ahhh…this world is such a good place–isn’t it?

What do you love–sooo much?

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7 Replies to “All This Stuff…”

  1. I love that it’s time for layers!!! 🙂 I love that you figured out that yummy bread for us all to eat and that you share so well! I love finding letters in the mailbox that have a hand-written address on them, so you know they’re from a REAL person! 😀

  2. Oooh! Christmas light preparations on Temple Square actually start in August. Pretty crazy, but it’s smart to avoid all the weather that way. You would love the rain over here in Ireland. It’s like a gentle mist, so you don’t actually need an umbrella ever… just accept the fact that the hair factor will always include frizz 🙂 The world is beautiful, and I am lucky not only to be here, but to have you remind me all all the good things so I can appreciate them all the more. Love you!

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