The Bald Kid’s Viking Slippers

I’ve been asked to show the sneakers outside the “Door.” So here they are..

So, one day last July, Rhen says to me, “You know what would really be cool?”

I say, “I have no earthly idea.”

He says, “If you could make me some freaking cool, high top, slippers. But that would be too hard, wouldn’t it?”

I just smiled my sly little smile and said, “Yeah…way too hard.”

So began the journey to High Top Sneaker Slippers–in Viking colors, of course!

The finished product.


Oh, and yes, his feet are this big. I can prove it…

5 Replies to “The Bald Kid’s Viking Slippers”

  1. Oh!!! I am ready for a movie anytime. Wanna come over to my house? Well, I’m not sure I can give the same treatment I got over there. But I’m ready seriously!

  2. So since he got Viking colored high tops, do you think someday you could make me some pink ballet slippers? My real dancing ones are SO snug and comfortable that I can only imagine how fabulous crocheted ones would feel. Then I could feel like a dancer off the dance floor too 🙂

  3. These freaking crack me up!!! I love that he’ll actually wear them too!!! It would be such a shame if he left them in the box to take care of them or something. Those things need to be worn and worn out! 😉 Two thumbs WAAAY up!!!

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