Crochet Nativity–The Angel FINALLY!

For anyone who has followed the Crochet Nativity saga…you know that I made an angel last year, as the crescendo to my April’s nativity set. Trouble is that I used the wrong hook and the angel turned out to be from the Land of the Giants and was positively ridiculous. No, really. Plus her hair was really dumb. So, I brought her home and stuck her in a box and started over.  I’ll just have to sort her out later. No, you can’t see her because I’m too embarrassed to show you.

But this little lady is exactly the right size.

And don’t you just adore her ruffles?!!

I mean….

And get a load of her HAIR!!! I had an epiphany from my old macramé-ing days–to do a row of Lark’s Head knots with curly yarn, over a yellow pipe cleaner. Absolutely BRILLIANT if I do say so myself.

It made a lovely little headband of hair that I could tack in place and pull back in a ponytail or leave down. Either way, it was gorgeous.

The end step was to give her a golden halo. Pssst– I made it by wrapping some spare gold ribbon around the red plastic ring from a milk jug. Heh, heh.

Feeling quite clever right now.

At last, at last, I kissed her on the head and boxed her up for her new home.

Happy Birthday April!!  With so much love…

the Angel, at last…

done right.

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  1. Can I put in a request for all the same sweet little characters too? “Come again… on my birthday!” as the little rabbit in Robin Hood says 😀

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