Creating Warmth

The stay inside, snugglely  days of winter always feel even better to me with a cup of hot cocoa, giant marshmallows, and some sort of yarn and hook to make a bit of warmth with.

Almost like that’s what winter expects of us…

what winter is actually for.

I’m finding that it’s not just me either. The girls are starting to feel more comfortable with the yarn and–surprisingly–not hooks, but needles. My they are brave. Teaching themselves to knit from books or blogs and then just…you know, knitting. Knitting little sweaters, and scarves and hats for their own little loves.

Personally, I’m amazed at how one keeps the yarn on that pointy stick when there’s no…hook…at the end. 

But then, Mamas do find a way–don’t they?

Hooks or needles, sweaters, scarves, hats or headbands—it isn’t only the thing that’s being crafted that feels so good and right. It’s coming together–and doing that womanly thing, the gathering to talk and laugh and sip and nibble all the while creating warmth for the baby birds we love.

In my heart, I’m certain…

that’s what winter is for.

7 Replies to “Creating Warmth”

  1. Wow…miss craft night for one visiting teaching appointment…and everyone goes all knit-ty without me! Ah, well. I suppose that means they will make better teachers, right?

  2. Today I get to head out and get my own set of needles and yarn to start knitting a baby blanket. I am so excited to learn something new! I absolutely LOVE that headband with the butterfly.

  3. Wahooo! Of course you do! You would love it. Either thing–there is just so much satisfaction in taking a ridiculous piece of string and making something WARM. It’s hard to describe.

    Do it…do it…do it.

  4. I know. I felt kinda funny too. Seriously, they were just GOING. Quite inspiring actually. April is making a sweater and Amy was doing a scarf. Pretty sure I need to just stick with what works–crochet I mean–for me. Old dog…new tricks–and all that!


  5. I’m going to make a billion more. It turned out nice.

    So you are bailing on the crochet squad too?! Ahhh well. I’m ok to be the lone ranger in that dept.

    Knitting looks fun, but too slow for me.

  6. I LOVE that butterfly!!!! Even Jonathan said “Wow!” I want to buy a headband with a butterfly on it from you!!! It’s amazing! But I will have to wait until I get my first paycheck from subbing. I’ll let you know more when I have money… but I LOVE that Butterfly. And I love your headbands… oooh, or maybe a hat with a butterfly… that would be so fun too… you are just so creative and it looks amazing!

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