14 Replies to “Crazy People”

  1. Totally love this. It looks like you had a wonderful time! I love Thanksgiving point, but I stay out of those photo booths!

  2. I love photo booths! They were especially great when I was little because it took so long to get pictures back normally, that it was almost magic that they could print out right there and then. Even though you can pretty much print out ANY picture, ANY time… they are still so fun to use. 😀 I love how these turned out!

  3. The crazy faces are fun, but I love the candid shots they capture like the one of you guys laughing. Classic!

  4. Carlie discovered photo booths a couple of months ago at one of the malls (didn’t realize how sheltered she was). Anyway, they are her favorite now – she even planned the day activity for girls date around where there was a photo booth so they could have a lasting memory of crazy people.

  5. Well, I seem to remember having to be severely coaxed but then thinking that I need to take advantage of these moments that don’t ever come back. It made me much braver.

  6. Well, we certainly won’t ever have a serious lack of crazy people. I’m trying to fill the world with them. heh, heh, heh.

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