Counting Our Blessings

This is what we could see right outside our window on Tuesday. There have been seven fires in different areas around the state in the last week. In fact, my own brother’s family and two of my nieces were evacuated from their homes when the flames came too close to their neighborhood across the lake.

But this new one–sheesh. How eerie is it to be able to see the red glow from the flames, in the smoke.

The next day, we could see this brave guy flying back and forth, back and forth–from the lake…

into the smoke. Our church leaders asked us all to please pray for the firefighters to be safe and to please, please, pray for rain.

Believe me–we prayed. In the middle of one of Miss Chompy’s prayer she said, “And bless the firefighters to be safe. Mom what’s a firefighter?” Pretty cute.

Then, this morning we woke up to a huge rushing sound in the yard. I sat up in bed at first, thinking it was the wind tearing through the rose bushes and rattling my windows.

I thought, Oh no, please–not wind.  But looking out the window, I saw–it wasn’t the wind…

it was RAIN! Funny, even after all the prayers, it still surprised me to see it. In fact, I had to wonder for a minute if it really, truly was rain clouds…

or just more smoke.

Our fiery mountain was all clouds and steam by afternoon. I can only guess about the other, farther away fires…but we’re hoping they’re out too.

Isn’t Heavenly Father clever?

Just when we’re so-so tired of all that heat and ash and think we can’t stand it any longer…

He sends us the rain!

“So the LORD shall make bright clouds, and give them showers of rain, to every one…”

3 Replies to “Counting Our Blessings”

  1. Prayers of gratitude now. I didn’t care how humid it was either – I left my windows open all day (the ones the rain wasn’t blowing against) and took in the smell, sound and feel of blessings from heaven.

  2. It was the most perfect wheather and such a beautiful day. 🙂 So many wonderful heros who put their lives on the line everyday for us. I <3 U!

  3. What a blessing that rain was! It’s nice to know that we don’t ever have to feel like there’s nothing we can do to help… we can always PRAY!

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