Cold Feet

Years ago, when Jillian, the boys and I lived in a place with tile floors in every room–we learned the value of a good, warm throw rug. In fact, this place got so cold at night that I made each of the kids their own rug for Christmas to keep their feet warm. Jillian’s was pink and white. Dane’s was the blue and white. And the Bald Kid’s was the yellow and white. But now that nearly all of those kids–Jillian and Dane–have gotten married and found their own places…with tile floors, they decided to take their rugs with them. What nerve!

Lucky for me, I still have the Bald Kid’s yellow and white one or I’d freeze solid when I step on that tile every morning. Luckier still, my sweet little momma left me a big tub of rug yarn to play with.

There wasn’t enough of one color to make a rug exactly like the old ones.

But I’m a creative soul, and I’m determined to figure something out.

Wish me luck…my feet are freezing!


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  1. Those are really cute! At least with the married kids taking their rugs it gives you and excuse to make some really pretty pink and purple ones.

  2. I’ll have to make the next ones out of t-shirts though because I don’t think they even make rug yarn anymore. Pink and purple…hmmmm….I love the sound of that. :}

  3. I found today’s blog to be quite interesting… see, my sister in law is quite crafty and took some of my old torn skirts for a secret project. I loved those skirts! All colorful and sewn through with the occasional silver threads, but they were no longer wearable. Well that devious woman made them into an adorable throw rug for the floor! I was amazed.

    But to this day I just couldn’t think of where to put the thing. Now I know the perfect use for it. Silly that I didn’t know the proper use of a throw rug…. *wiggles her happy toes

  4. We first learned the joy of throw rugs when I put one on the floor in front of the kitchen sink. It made doing the dishes so much more pleasant to stand on a soft, warm rug. Funny that a little thing made such a difference. But it did.
    You do learn to walk more carefully too so you don’t go sliding across the floor too. That was a plus. :}

  5. or… I wonder if you could sew or glue one of those flat no-slip matts that you can buy at the store and cut to size? You know which ones I’m talking about? I don’t know if your mats are one-side or could be flipped, but mine is one-sided so I’m thinking of looking into that. 😉

  6. your knitting/crocheting…i don’t really know one from the other, but it is so beautiful! and i loved the quilts in one of your other posts! my sister follows you(she introduced me to your site:), and she does all that….and does it beautifully also. love your posts…just wanted to tell you that they always brighten my day. God bless you.

  7. Oh, I’m sure that would work. I just like to be able to turn it over to the brighter side from time to time, because mine are double sided. But it would certainly work on a one sided rug. :}

  8. It’s so awesome that you have a useful talent! Look at you keeping everyone warm and cozy! 🙂 Thank you for sharing all the wonderful things you’ve made with all of us… we’re lucky you share so well! 😀

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