Chompy Dolittle

While Mommy was getting a few errands finished today–Chompy and I strolled down to the pet store–where she B-lines it straight to…the kittens. She loves them and this little guy loved her right back–through the glass.

I told her this little puppy was called a “Pug,” and she said, “I can like a Pud.”

She was a bit braver than I am about all the aquarium critters–that creep me out. She stuck her face right up there by a 90 foot Salamander. Blaugh…

Turtles are better…but still…I’m going to hang back here a bit.

Now we’re talking. Chompy and I love birds and this little blue lady was amazing. I always have this overwhelming urge to open all the cages and shout, “Fly…fly!”

But so far…I’m not brave enough…

to spend the night in jail.

These four baby love birds were so adorable all huddled together and timid.

This seems to be where we came in—doesn’t it? Chompy and her kittens. She said we need to come back tomorrow or the kitty would miss her and cry.

Of that…I have no doubt.

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3 Replies to “Chompy Dolittle”

  1. The bunnies there sure loved her too!

    I’m thinking all those little critters must be able to tell what a big, sweet heart she has… and she doesn’t scare them a bit. 🙂

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