Children’s Book Festival

Some of my favorite books in the whole wide world…

written by one of my favorite authors in the whole wide world—-

were missing one, vital thing…

until this weekend.

April and I went to the Children’s Book Festival in Provo–and met a new writer friend.

We are now official members of Newberry Award winner Shannon Hale’s fan club…or so it seems. She was kind and generous with her autograph and talked to us for more than our fair share of time–even with a line of people going right out the ballroom door. If you aren’t familiar with her books–go promptly HERE to redeem yourself.

You won’t be sorry. Her books are incredible—

and we know now—so is she.

12 Replies to “Children’s Book Festival”

  1. Shannon Hale made a BIG hit in our home when we read “Princess Academy” just after it received the Newberry Honor Book Award. We have collected the entire Goose Girl series along with everything she’s written, and her autograph in them all. (She came to Tooele just after we moved to Grantsville when “Rapunzel’s Revenge” was released – it’s pretty good too just a totally different type of book.) I was very intrigued, after reading “Goose Girl”, to see just how close she had stuck with the original Grimm tale. So I ordered a picture book (a retell by Eric A. Kimmel) and found a Grimm original at the library and was blown away at how absolutely true she is to their stories – I think they would be very honored with how she finishes their them. “Book of a Thousand Days” is probably my favorite.

  2. I LOVE her! Well, actually I’ve never met her, but I love her work! I’ve read it all and I can’t wait until whatever she’s working on next is ready. I love her blog too.

  3. You are totally forgiven for leaving Piper’s party. I didn’t know this is who you were going to meet. Cool! I only read one of her books but the others are on my list. 😉

  4. I resisted reading “Princess Academy” because I was just sure it would be cute and silly. Dang–was I wrong. It was so much more of a fabulous story than I ever expected it to be.

    And “Book of a Thousand Days”–yeah, couldn’t put that one down either. She’s amazing.

  5. It’s funny how different books resonate with different people. My one daughter is crazy about Enna and my other daughter isn’t drawn to her at all. She’s much more of a “Forest Born” and Izzy mix. So intriguing.

  6. I felt really bad because I totally spaced what day it was and thought that Jillian was at work–when she was at home and we went off without her. She LOVES Shannon Hale and even though she forgave me–I felt so bad. She signed our whole series. She is so great.

  7. I love it when people can balance fame and class!!! Sounds like she did just that! I’ll have to catch up with all and become a more dedicated reader in general because I haven’t read any of her books. :S

  8. Oh, wow. Epic fail for not telling me, guys! I totally have a book crush on her!

  9. Yeah, it was kind of a crazy thing–mad house in fact. They had over 1600 people–mostly kids–there. It was nuts and very, very noisy. We had to holler to hear each other.
    Sorry, we just sorta jumped in the car and…went.


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