Charity Water~ An Update


Remember a few years ago, my cute boy decided to “donate” his birthday to Charity Water?  I did a post about it–right here on my blog. Charity Water is an organization run by Scott Harrison–who is my absolute hero, by-the-way. He vows to not rest until every child on the earth has clean drinking water within reach. And he’s making a difference.

People were wonderful and donated $22 each–one dollar for every year Dane has been on earth. Well today, I got an email from Charity Water. Maybe many of you did too. It was an email to let us know how our donation had been used…every single penny of it.

Dane's Charity Water Project

If you were gracious enough to help with this cause, or even if you knew nothing about it–you’ll be pleased to see the well that Dane’s 22nd birthday helped to build.  A real, honest to goodness, tangible, miraculous blessing in the lives of 1400 people in Soda–Lisancho, Ethiopia…right this minute.

Dane's C W project

Scott Harrison is an angel and we are proud to have been a part of such a wonderful, ongoing project. If you’d like to know more about Charity Water, or want to learn how to start your own campaign– go to

It just makes my heart so happy.


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  1. I really love what charity: water is doing a think it’s so great that they’ll tell AND show you just where your donations went. 🙂 They are doing so much good!

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