5 Replies to “Caden’s Prayer”

  1. Sorry to say this, but it sounds just like my neighbors little boy :D. Everything that comes out of his mouth, I have to ask him to repeat multiple times. Finally I ask his mom, and of course she knows what he said :D. He is 4 and going to a speech therapist now, but it is so funny to see that he totally believes that the way that he is saying things is right.

    You can tell these parents have heard him talk like this many times, because they could tell that he hadn’t blessed the food 😀

  2. Well listen how clearly he says, “In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen,” or “No. It’s done.” It’s just everything in between that is all mumbled and jumbled. Think of how we bless the food sometimes though–lower voice, repetition of certain phrases maybe, and words the kids don’t hear any other time. When I was a kid, my dad would say a phrase that I didn’t understand for years. If I’d been force to repeat what I thought I’d heard–what a mess it would have been. The phrase turned out to be, “…and bless us with all else we stand in need of at this time.” He just said it so low and fast that I was a teenager before I got it.

    Hey–Alyssa wants 6 tickets. Do you want 1 separately, or are you part of her 6?

  3. He’s a cute little boy and I think it’s sweet that he doesn’t seem to be clowning for laughs. He gets loud because he’s frustrated, not because he’s trying to be funny. I think it’s sweet.

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