Top 10 Comfort Foods

Had a hard day? Been away for awhile? Wanting to celebrate something going really right in your life? Well, what better way to encourage the planets to align than to snuggle up somewhere cozy with your very favorite Comfort Foods? We’ve got the list of the perfect edibles that –that according to Gracious Rain readers–will cure any ill, enhance your happiness and just plain make you feel like you’re finally, finally…home.

1. Chocolate

Whether in the form of chocolate chip cookies, chocolate fudge brownies or a Symphony bar–warm, soft, gooey chocolate of some sort was the number one food you chose to comfort your heart.

2. Soup

Homemade Chicken Noodle, Broccoli, or Potato and Cheese soup–to name a few came in a close second as most soothing to the soul.

3. Ice Cream

Rocky Road, Homemade Vanilla, Deep Chocolate , or Summer Peach–it doesn’t seem to matter which kind, as long as there is plenty in the freezer.

4. Potatoes and gravy

Some said with chicken, some said with roast beef or sausage–however you serve those potatoes–don’t forget the gravy!

5. Homemade Bread

Wheat or white, rolls or bread sticks, warm or toasted with butter and jam–homemade bread came in fifth for making memories of home.

6. Breakfast

Scrambled eggs, cheese, bacon, pancakes, ham, sausage and toast–all served with ice cold orange juice–yum! Breakfast food–what a comforting way to start the day!

7. Lasagna

“My mom’s lasagna” came in number seven and no one was afraid to say, “the more cheese the better!”

8. Chipped Beef on Toast

Apparently an old childhood favorite for many–bringing back memories of rainy days, doing homework at the kitchen table. Oh, and keep the toast coming!

9. Chips and Dips

With some sort of salsa to be exact. Salty, crunchy and never ending chips. Sometimes one bag just isn’t big enough. :]

10. Popcorn

Last but not least–what better way to end the day than to cuddle up in front of a good movie than with a big bowl of buttery popcorn? Now that’s comfort!

What do you think?
Did we picture your very favorite comfort food of all time?

7 Replies to “Top 10 Comfort Foods”

  1. First what is chipped beef and toast? No you did not picture my very favorite of all but you did have all my other favs, so we are square. 😉

  2. Well, we had to bunch the topics up a bit–so the cookies, cakes and brownies we all in one. Didn’t you say, “Oatmeal Chocolate Chip?” We did our best to grab the favorites and post a picture. I kinda figured that the cream puff chocolate was a pretty good representation of chocolate. It looks sooo luscious. Don’t you think?

  3. Oh, and chipped beef on toast is apparently bigger than I thought around these parts. It’s a buttery white sauce with beef, chicken or ham (our favorite) and in our case–peas. You eat it with toast. Dane and Lyndi ask for it for their birthdays even.

    It’s yummy and easy.

  4. yUUUm!!! I think this is a great list! Everything sounds yummy to me! Can’t wait to see what great recipes you’ll try next!

  5. We grew up on chipped beef on toast! Sometimes it was called SOS (by my US Navy father). I must re-introduce it to my family, especially the grandkids. Thanks for the memories…………

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