Train Ride

My cute little daughter, Jillian…

won something very cool on the radio.

We, apparently, weren’t the only ones excited to go to the Train concert.

The wild people came from everywhere to this amazing concert—right on the street of downtown Salt Lake City. No lie. The police just roped off the road and everyone sat around doing…whatever…while they listened.

Since we had to wait for awhile, we just found a decent place to sit–right on the sidewalk, up against some random store. I thought maybe if I’d of had a hat, someone would come along and drop change in it.Β  You never know.

Finally, finally the band boys came out.

Most of the “street people” —including Jillian, moved forward to get a closer look.

But some of us could hear the purdy music well enough–right where we were, thank you very much–and stayed put.

I did, however, put the crocheting away a couple of times…

just to stretch out my legs…and fingers.

But I’ll tell you–there is something so magical about sitting by the light of the moon…

listening to the sound ofΒ  a Train.


11 Replies to “Train Ride”

  1. It was fabulous fun–and you SHOULD learn to crochet. It’s a very soothing little sport and once you get the hang of it sometimes you don’t even need to look while you sew. Always a plus!
    In fact, if you click on the “Crafting” tab and scroll down to the very bottom–there are some links that will teach you how to crochet. Do it-do it! Then I’ll have another crocheting buddy!


  2. It got a little breezy–but it wasn’t wet or anything. It was on Earth Day–you know, back when we thought Spring was actually here!

  3. I was surprised at how many people brought their kids to the show. When they played this song a big group of children came out in the street right in front of where I was sitting and started dancing. Jillian had the camera or I would have caught it. It was adorable.
    We love this song.


  4. That outdoor concert was fun! I’m definitely a fan. It was fun going with you too πŸ™‚ We should do it more often.

  5. I love sitting and just listening!!! I love the concerts I went to when I was younger and we’d stand for the whole time… but these days, sitting on the grass (or even the sidewalk) sounds nice and soothing. I’m glad you both had a great time! Love the pictures!

  6. It was really fun. Good thing we weren’t freezing or anything. And that Train guy–quite a nice looking fellow.


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