Breaking Dawn Party Prize Preview

It’s getting fun to pick up the mail again these days because the giveaway prizes are really starting to roll in. Isn’t this gal’s work incredible?!

Her shop is called “The Berry Press” and I loved her work so much that I bought…


and this. I LOVE them!

And our sweet Polly from Hong Kong is back with us again. She sent us two beautiful necklaces for the Premier giveaway.

Our dear friend Kathy, from Sassy Patches has sent another of her beautiful wreaths. Fabulous!

Tena–from The Forks Forest has sent two genuine Forks Forest Foliage bookmarks and two beautiful bracelets for the giveaway.

Beloved U has given us two necklaces to give to some lucky soul.

And Little Bird Singing sent 4 Book Word pendants for our audience.

This is just a tiny sample of the complete awesomeness of our dear, kind sponsors. They are sure to make our Breaking Dawn Premier Party crazy fun! I hope you’re coming with us.

Only 15 days left to go!!


7 Replies to “Breaking Dawn Party Prize Preview”

  1. I can’t wait !!!!!! it is going to be soooooo much fun!!!!!! What can I do to help you out?

  2. Woot woot! I can’t wait! I’m here, too, if you need my help! You should bring some stuff to craft night that we can help with!

  3. These look AWESOME!!! People are so talented… and generous! I’m excited for Twilight, especially since all these talented people are involved!

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