Blessing Day 1958

The only thing different about getting a baby ready for their Blessing a million years ago–or 52 to be exact–and doing the same thing today, was that when you took the picture back then, it was in black and white–like the whole world was back then.

As you can see they still had the hand made shawls and poofy white dresses and the flowery little hats. Then the family comes together at the church and the baby is given a name and a blessing. The name I was given was Meliauna Kirby…and no, I’m not Polynesian. My father loves Hawaii and he was in a mood. So that was that.

Mom had the last word though, andย  insisted on calling me Launi. I’m thinking it must have suited me better. At any rate, it was easier to pronounce. And so…as you know…

it stuck.

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6 Replies to “Blessing Day 1958”

  1. Great picture! I love it. And my oldest daughters name is actually, Kirbi.
    I don’t have any pictures like this in my album. (only one actually). Isn’t it nice to have the memories?

  2. Well, it was definitely a bigger hassle to take pictures back then. Sometimes it would be YEARS before they were taken in to be developed. We sure can’t imagine that anymore.

  3. How fun! Looking at my parent’s old pictures is definitely different than looking at my girl’s pictures. I am very happy with how we take pictures now. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. It was like a holiday to get the photos back from the shop–unless of course, they didn’t turn out…that was a pit! I’m pretty hooked on that immediate delete button these days.

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