Bella’s Birthday

Our cute friend Jordan is quite the party girl, so she decided to throw a lovely little bash before our Eclipse movie premier.  The theme was “Bella’s Birthday” of course.

All the right people came out of the shadows…

and Bella’s gifts were perfect. Here’s her new car stereo from Emmett…

the photo album from her mom…

and camera from Charlie.

My daughter even made the cake.

We ate Face Punch popcorn…

and bitten cookies, and watched the Twilight New Moon movie on the side of Jordan’s house. Good friends, good food and tons of fun.

Simply perfect!

Happy Birthday Bella!!

10 Replies to “Bella’s Birthday”

  1. That all turned out SO well! Looks like it was fun. The cookies look tempting and the cake looks great!

  2. It was so fun, I’m glad I have fun friends and neighbors that make great events. 🙂

  3. This was SOOO much fun! I just adore JorDan and I’m super glad she invited us! April you did a great job on the cake and I’m STILL so not over those cookies! YUUUM!!! So freaking fun!

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