The “Daddy Girl”

I came out of the laundry room one day long ago, to find my, then, 2-1/2 year old dressed in her dad’s shirt. She pretended for a good hour that she was the “daddy girl.” She got a bowl and acted like she was eating cereal at the table. Then she sat on the floor and read the paper. The best part was when she climbed up to the desk to “do daddy work.” That consisted of writing dozens of numbers on a tiny pieces of paper and putting them in envelopes. She said she was “writing money.”  What a great profession.

At last, she informed me that she had to drive to McDonald’s, so, she got up in the big chair and rocked back and forth and back and forth until she came pretty close to warp speed.  So many hysterical parallels–to our real life and she picked up on them so young. No secrets from this kid.

Personally, I was impressed that she got the shirt buttons right!

6 Replies to “The “Daddy Girl””

  1. Was that April? How adorable. 🙂 It’s moments like that that are unforgettable. Being a mom is so wonderful.

  2. I haven’t seen that picture or heard that story before. Very cute! Very April 🙂

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