Beany Boy Update

As you can see, this old guy is doing great–better than he’s been in years. Why, he’s running up and down the stairs, following me everywhere I go, eating like a horse, catching mice in the garden, and swatting at his little sister Jiffy–just to teach her who is still the big man around here, in case she forgot. He’s even put back on some good solid weight to substantiate the claim. Legoless, we’re calling him, which is a hearty, tough guy name…with a double meaning.

Yeah, he’s even taken to bossing me around these days. “Let me out. Let me in. Let me out and then right back in. Feed me the chicken food. Feed me the turkey this time. Now let me out again–and of course, right back in. Oh, he’s pushing his luck pulling this stuff all day long, but he nearly needs a swat when he tries it at 4 in the morning. Oh, and he’s developed a funny meow to go along with his new “I run the joint” attitude. It’s a howl of sorts. And I’d be happy to ignore it, except that it’s quite impossible at the crack of dawn. This guy’s a nut job I tell you…a twenty year old nut job.

Good thing I positively love the living daylights out of this old, silly cat.

And apparently he isn’t missing the back leg, one little bit.


6 Replies to “Beany Boy Update”

  1. You should video tape his howl and post it. I’d love to hear it. 😀 That reminds me of the cat we had roaming around our backyard at the duplex that used to meow a long, “MAAAAMAAAH.” Poor little thing could never find her. 🙁

  2. The problem is that I can never tell when he’s going to do it. Just comes out of the blue. Kind of a “Muuuurrrrrrrrr” sound, and not just a bit creepy. I let him in or out or whatever he wants just to get him to stop it. Crazy guy. :}

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