Baby Butterfly

Had a few friends ask about the sweet little headband with the dainty butterfly on the side…you know…from the other day.

We tried to get a close-up modeled by our squirmy little Chompy. It kinda worked.

I’ve put a few in the Etsy shop and am doing my darndest (is that really a word?!) to get the pattern on there as well–certainly, a much, much loftier project.

In the meantime, we’ll just stay indoors and enjoy butterflies in the winter.

They are welcome indeed.

8 Replies to “Baby Butterfly”

  1. I like the 2 tone pink headband and the blue butterfly with the white headband. They sure are pretty!

  2. Yeah–we’re going a little butterfly crazy over here. It magically seems that they go with EVERYTHING! They may end up in the bald kid’s cereal soon.

    heh, heh…

  3. I have to agree that these are just absolutely gorgeous! Of course I’m partial to butterflies and hearts and pink and all things girlie with having two little girls!! Ü

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