April Conference 2012

This weekend we gathered everyone together to listen to the LDS General Conference. Now that our family is growing–by leaps and bounds it seems–there’s quite a lot of …ummm… character to the group.

Ahem...thanks, Jillian.

We listen to inspirational messages from church leaders and listen to beautiful music.

Even the little kids will watch and draw pictures in their new notebooks for awhile.

Some of us take notes and some of us just relax and absorb it all.

Of course, I have to crochet or the Earth would flip off it’s axis. But I do set my hook aside long enough to jot down a quote or two. That’s a fine balance–wouldn’t you say?

Then, once the Mormon Tabernacle Choir sings we all jump up for breakfast–

made every Conference Sunday by our own Nate–of course. Strawberry, peach and mango crepes with cream cheese.

All three for me please.

Dang. Fine. Food.

Dang. Fine. Family.

And a spiritual feast.

So much to be grateful for.


6 Replies to “April Conference 2012”

  1. You honestly have no idea how very blessed you are. Not many families that are all so close together.

  2. Oh, I do know. It may not always be this way–but I certainly love that we all live so close right now. :}

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