The Gracious Giveaway this week is a

“greenWinkle BagBag!”


You know…a handbag crafted from recycled or repurposed grocery bags.

A BagBag

This BagBag will be chosen from my very own Etsy shop,Β  just in time for Valentine’s Day. These bags are not only beautiful, but surprisingly sturdy, and machine wash AND dryable–plus they’re as green as it gets.

Now I haven’t decided exactly which BagBag to give away yet. There are nine different styles right now valued anywhere fromΒ  $48 to $98. So here’s what we’re going to do…

To earn 1 entry, simply click HERE to check out the different styles. Come back and tell me the name of the greenWinkle BagBag you like the best in the comment section. That’s it. 1 easy entry.

To earn 2 entries, all you have to do is announce this giveaway on your own blog or website. Post a link to your site in the comment section so I can cheer my head off. It’s a cinch–2 more entries.

To earn 3 entries, just send me a bag of Cheetoes, proving that I can, indeed, be bought. Heh, heh, heh…

I’d love to tell you that the previous statement was a joke, but the truth is–Β  it’s my contest and I’ll be bribed if I want to, bribed if I want to, bribed if I want to…

Oh, alright, alright…I’m just…kidding.


The winner will be announced Friday February 13, at 10am.


This could be your lucky day!!



purses-0152The greenWinkle Coconut Shell Tag


58 Replies to “Announcing…”

  1. Oh I so glad I was right – now where would you like that semi load of cheetoes delivered πŸ™‚ !
    My favorite first choice is Blue Skies with Scout’s Honor a very close second. I can’t believe your Etsy site – It looks like you paid someone thousands to have it look so professional etc. My sincere best wishes and prayers for lots of looks and sells – you’re amazing.

  2. You’re a peach man. Those two are really pretty. Good choice my friend. Thanks for so much support. Get your girls to enter too.

  3. Launi, these bags are awesome! I am totally amazed. And I can’t believe you can actually wash and dry them. That’s nuts! I love the colors of the peppermint swirl bag!

  4. I also have en etsy tip that will help tons. You have 14 “tags” available for each item in your shop. Use them all! When people search for things on etsy, the default is to search in titles and tags. As your tags are now, you’ll only come up for the word handbag.

    Why not add more tags to really describe your great product. I suggest “repurposed” “recycled” “green” “washable” “coconut shell” “greenWinkle.” Also put words to describe the color of the specific item. Put words that describe the method you used to make it (“Crocheted”?). Put size words. You’ll surely be able to come up with 14 tags.

    Adding more tags will give your shop more opportunities to come up when people search for things. If I search for a “washable repurposed pink and white handbag,” (and many people do search specifically because there is so much stuff on etsy) I would hope to see yours!

    [I know this comment is long and not exactly what you asked for, so it’s okay if you remove it. But trust me on the tags thing!]

  5. Woo hoo!!! I’ve announced your little giveaway on my blog at So I get 2 entries!! Woo hoo!! I’m going to win, I’m going to win!!! (I’m dancing the victory dance now.)

    I like the Peppermint Swirl BagBag the best as I love pink!! Your bags are really cool. I hope I win as I don’t have the money to buy one or I would. Boo hoo!!!

  6. Hmmm… I think all of them are just great! πŸ™‚ The colors hardly matter to me because they are sooo unique that any one of them would be fun to have! I suppose I’ll pick the Caramel Apple bag… because I really like the brown and green together! I’ll stick this on my blog… even though I won’t be on the contest… because this is just AWESOME!!! πŸ˜‰

  7. My cousin Kim Chalfant sent me here from our family blog. I like the Water Lily colors best.

  8. I really like two bags. I like the Peppermint and the Blue Skies BagBags. They are awesome. By the way, I didn’t know that I was even close to guessing. I was just trying to be a smart mouth. But, yay…I am so happy that I was right on.

  9. It has to be Blue Skies because blue is my favorite color and it would be so perfect for all my stuff.

  10. My absolute favorite is Peppermint Swirl. It is the perfect girl bag and my viola music and stuff would look so cool in it.

  11. I really like the crayon tips bag. It is big and colorful. Plus with three little girls it will hold EVERYTHING!

  12. I have no idea how to do a link to my website, but if you do, do it!
    I love the Crayon Tips kinda big bagbag, and as you know, I do have lots of stuff to haul around… now even more with the pink scooter as my main transport. Leaving a lighter footprint, ya know. I think your bags a fabulous, and great photos of them. I especially like the up-close one, so you can see the texture of the bag before purchasing it. Ok, now I have to go back and look at the blue skies bag…..

  13. Hey I love your bags and picking a favorite is like way too hard. I really like three or four and picking a favorite is the hardest thing. But IF I had to choose one, then I would say the crayon tip. I love the bag, it’s way cute and I am about to graduate (in December) as an early childhood educator. I think it is the perfect teacher bag!!! OK So I posted something on my blog at I love your bags!!! You are my hero!! Not to mention all the stuff you have taught me about birthing with your hypno-birthing!! You are an amazing woman and I love you!!!

  14. Wow! Hey, this happens to be one of the freshest, bestest things I’ve ever seen. You know what it makes me think of? (careful. If you say yes, you risk becoming lost in the endlessly weird imagination of Lauren Todd) Well, I’m just going to pretend that you said “yes.” So, what I’m imagining right now, is your totally chic bag beating the tar out of those trendy, yucky “Capri” juice-box purses, because these are way better. So cute! Hmm…how do you pick a favorite among so much cuteness. Well, actually it was kinda easy, ’cause the candy apple one just jumped out of the page and walked away with my heart nestled happily inside it. And, can I just say that I’m a big fan of clever names, and “BagBag” is wonderfully cute! Okay, well, Reader’s Digest version: I love your BagBags. Three cheers for classy creativity!

  15. Ok So you have a special delivery on it’s way to your house right now. If you don’t get it, you need to talk with Jillian. I got you an extra special gift, and yes, it does have something to do with that bribe. A little something called Cheetos Puffs. Ya, I did. I got you a bag of Cheetos Puffs. SO if Jillian doesn’t give it to you, you need to have a talk with her and let her know that she owes you.
    just a reminder, I did already post on my blog, and my favorite was the crayon tips bag. OH and BTW, I saw those surprises, like those adorable hilarious dolls, and those high top slippers, you are a genius!! You are honestly an amazing woman of many talents!! Just wow! That’s all I can say.

  16. Hey Launi!

    OK, I don’t have one favorite, I have FOUR; yes FOUR! :o) Here they are in no particular order:

    Crayon Tips BagBag
    Peppermint Swirl BagBag
    Water Lily BagBag
    and Autumn Lane BagBag

    Also, I posted a little story on my blog about your giveaway. You can see that here:

    I ALSO posted a note about it on my Facebook account! You can check that out here:

    I’m not excited much, am I?! ;o) I have fun with this kind of stuff!

  17. water lily bagbag is definitely my favorite. But I’m partial to green anyway β™₯ I’ll head back over to my blog and work on posting about this cute and fun giveaway. You rock!!

  18. HI- I love your bags!! Especially the Crayon Tips BagBag! They’re sooo cute and I’m going to announce your contest on my blog page too!
    Stacey Silva

  19. OOOH I hope I win! you are so talented to be able to make these! I like the Scouts Honor one a lot! It is sooo hard to choose though, I love them all!

  20. Wow! These bags are totally awesome! I am so impressed and inspired by your talents. I absolutely love everything. Since I have to pick a favorite, I finally decided that I am in LOVE with the Autumn Lane BagBag. So gorgeous. Thanks so much for the chance to win one!

  21. I love the peppermint swirl bag! I want the peppermint swirl bag! Pick me! Pick me!

  22. Amber and everyone: Of course I’d love it if you’d check back! That’s what makes blogging fun. But I will post the name of the winner on February 13th at 10am.

    Good luck!

  23. I like the Caramel Apple Bagbag. And that reminds me, I have a bunch of plastic bags in the trunk of my car that I need to bring to you. πŸ™‚

  24. Oh… how we love these. What a fun and unique idea. You’re so creative. I love the brown one (caramel apple) and if you ever made a blue or red one I’d love those too. All of them are so dang cute. Good job aunt Launi. You go girl! Look how many people posted a comment. If only I could be like you… πŸ™‚
    Love Tracy

  25. My favorites in order are…

    Peppermint swirl
    Water Lily
    Scout’s Honor

    Love the bags!! Amazing talent – from an amazing woman! πŸ™‚

  26. holy cuteness batman, love this idea, definitely the caramel apple bagbag, just think of the things you could carry in it. . .!

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  28. These bags are beautiful-wish I was talented enough to make one. My favorite was the peppermint swirl with the crayon tips coming in a very close second. You are so creative and I am always looking forward to what neat things you’ll be coming up with next!

  29. I really like all the bags but I think my favorite is the crayon tips. Lynnette told me these bags are amazing and beautiful. Congrats on finding a resourceful beautiful way of recycling.

  30. I love the Peppermint Swirl BagBag. Maybe it could double as a diaper bag since it’s soooo roomy?! Now…on to get my second entry. πŸ™‚

  31. Well I can’t decide between the water lily and scout’s honor. They both are pretty!

  32. I’m digging the water lily bag. Love the color! I could definately use something more eco friendly! What an awesome idea!!

    If I knew where to send Cheetos to, they would be on their way, but alas, I do not know. But I have updated my status on facebook, so you may check it out there!!

  33. So I’m not smart (or cool) enough to have my own blog but I’ve been blabbing my head off to those that are smart enough to listen about these neat bags and your Esty site. So if that could possible count for a second chance I vote Periwinkle! And I have the perfect stuff to go in it – the slippers you’re going to teach me how to make – I really need a grab and go bag – would this size work?

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