6 Replies to “A Small Peek…”

  1. I can imagine how fun it was. I wish it wasn’t so late at night though. I’m really not a night person. I would have never made it to the end. I hope you all get to catch up on your sleep!

  2. Launi (and the rest of the Anderson clan 🙂 and Kathy L.
    You all can’t imagine the surreal and wonderful experience last night was for me and not just because I won the Season tickets, which was a thrill in and of itself, but because each and every detail of the night was prepared with such painstaking effort that I couldn’t help but feel like I was the most special person in the world. THANK YOU for all the hours of organization and work that made that the best party I have every attended!!!

  3. You. Are. Crazy! But it does look like you had fun. I never go when the movies first come out. This time, I have free tickets but I have to wait until it is not a special engagement. Hopefully in two or three weeks we will all be going too. Wish I lived closer, you might have convinced me to join you with a big party like this!!

  4. Just a small glimpse indeed! 😉 Another huge adventure! I’m going to try and stop telling myself how long we have to wait until the last half! 🙁 It’ll be worth the wait for sure though!

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