A Mum For Mom

Here’s a real quick and easy gift–we’re talking under an hour, start to finish–to make for the Moms in your world.

I saw it on the  Creative Jewish Mom blog. The pattern is there too, so that makes it even easier.

Just think how happy mom…or sister…or daughter…or Aunt Mabel will be when at last, at last they have a rational place to keep the safety pins.

They will thank you for making their life complete. What a gift!

Beat that.

6 Replies to “A Mum For Mom”

  1. That looks so cool! I bet it would take me a little longer just to figure out the pattern.

  2. that is really cute! I see you worked it in a spiral, I always prefer spirals, I think they are easier than rounds.

  3. I would help you–but really, really easy. In fact, the gal who re-wrote the pattern didn’t even use crochet abbreviations. She spelled it all out to make it easier.

    So there you go…

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