4 Replies to “Being Mama”

  1. Launi dear, no worries about the messages. I would love movies tonight but I am just getting ready to head out to the yard. This is going to be scary. There is no garden plot in this yard and Mark borrowed a sod cutter and we are going to go to town on cutting up this yard. We gotta go borrow a tiller and I need to go buy garden plants etc. etc. etc. Saturdays are a bit full around here lately with all the projects Mark has to do and me telling him what to do 🙂 Anyway, I know I’ll fall asleep as soon as I rest my head so another time would be better. I’ll call you for real rather than text you when it’s looking a bit better for me. Happy Mother’s Day to you my dear, tomorrow.

  2. Happy Mother’s Day to you, my friend. It will feel wonderful to have your garden in–I know. I hope you are planting a million flowers. We’re doing the same tomorrow.
    Whenever you’re game–we’ll do the movie thing. Your pick.


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