A Hobbity Breakfast

Belonging to a household that will take any excuse for a celebration that’s offered—and run with it, we happily grabbed the idea for a 75th Anniversary of the Hobbit 2nd Breakfast to heart.

So on September 21st. at precisely 11:00 am, while the rest of the world did their shopping and laundry and city planning and bridge building…

we had a teeny, tiny, Hobbit-sized breakfast. There was scrumptious brown bread and creamy butter, juicy, ripe pears and a slab of cheese. Now then, isn’t that about what you’d expect to find on a kitchen table in Middle Earth?

Why, we even had a small portion of…um…ale, or…um…apple juice…or whatever.

It may not seem like a huge deal to you, but it was fun and playful and sweet and something to look forward to.

And I’ll tell you this–

It certainly beat first breakfast.

Hands down.


The tradition of 2nd Breakfast did not originate with the small folk in the Shire–no, no. It began when farmers woke up at the crack of dawn and had a quick breakfast of toast and tea before they began their early morning chores. After working so hard for several hours, by 10 or 11:00 they were certainly ready for a real meal–something like eggs, ham, biscuits, cheese, potatoes and juice before heading back out to work again. Hence the term “2nd Breakfast.” 

And now you know.   :}


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  1. charming! I need to do that with my family… besides, I may not be a farmer but I do get up a couple hours before everyone and after a while of facebooking and other such strenuous activities I really could use a nice 2nd breakfast around 10:30… lol 😉 Thanks for sharing with us Launi

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