~ Second Breakfast ~

If you’re a Hobbit fan–brace yourself~

Is this, or is this not–the coolest thing you’ve ever seen?! What a fabulous idea. I positively LOVE the thought of celebrating The Hobbit’s 75th anniversary in such a scrumptious way. Think of it–Seed Bread, cheese, toast, bacon, eggs, tarts, sandwiches and ale…er…um…I mean…apple juice, or something. Whatever–I’m totally in!

Please go to the official Second Breakfast website for all the details and some fun recipes. They even have a banner you can print off to decorate the place with.

If you’re a Hobbit fan–then join us. Let’s do it in a big, tasty way. Seriously, who can argue with a Second Breakfast?


:} Are you a Hobbit fan? Are you in?

12 Replies to “~ Second Breakfast ~”

  1. Not a fan – I know, I know, no imagination. Maybe I should try the book again and give it a second chance.

  2. Dude! Launi! Best idea… Ever! I am so in! I assume we should bring our favorite munchies to add to the second breakfast? Because the only thing better than sharing company with good friends, is sharing your best food with your best friends! lol 😉

  3. Hello Launi! I still can’t believe that I got to meet you in person at the Provo Farmers Market. You are amazing! I found this website and new shop opening and thought of you and your love of all things beautiful. The shop is opening this next weekend at 315 East Center Street in Provo. Their website is harmonyprovo.com. Thank you for being a bright spot in the blogosphere!

  4. Oh, and see…I thought you’d be all loving it because, well, I’d hoped that your kids had read it and loved it. You’ve always been so good with the home school adventures so I thought you’d love this one. I’ve only read The Hobbit–clear back when we worked at Deseret Book, and I couldn’t put the darn thing down. To me, it was positively epic. Funny, huh? :}

  5. Well, I was checking out the site and it says people everywhere are just doing their own thing. But I think we should really like…set something up. How hard could it be, especially if everyone brought something? Doesn’t it sound so fun?

  6. It was so wonderful to meet you too. You can ask my daughter because I was so excited that I nearly cried all the way home. I kept saying, “Can you believe it?! She KNEW me!” You are so darn sweet too and I hope you will make comments all the time and really, REALLY be my friend. It would mean so much to me. :} Did you see the post with your picture in it? I adore you.

  7. Oh but my kids that have read it do LOVE it – just not me. And the husband, well he’d be a Hobbit if he could. I really didn’t like the movies – I think I made it through the second one and haven’t seen anymore.

  8. LOVE this!!! Have forwarded it to my mom. We read the entire set: Hobbit & the Trilogy together when I was in highschool. <3

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