Chocolate Tsunami

One day, a package arrived on our porch for Jillian. A mysterious package from a faraway land…

August 7 008

sent to her by a dear, sweet friend in England. Not an ordinary package–oh no.

August 7 009

It was obviously a most wicked, dreadful, dangerous package. Needless to say…we were terrified. Shaking even.

August 7 013


August 7 010


August 7 016


August 7 015


August 7 017


August 7 019


August 7 020


August 7 022

We spread it all out to look at it.

August 7 021

We thought about inviting people over to share.

August 7 026

There was, after all—so much fabulous stuff!

August 7 027

But then a really strange thing happened.

August 7 028

One by one, all the beautiful melty chocolate and sweets started mysteriously disappearing.

August 7 023

Not exactly sure what really happened. It was like a whirlwind or tornado or hurricane sweeping through the place gobbling up all the gooey, sweet, yummy…I mean…it just…we couldn’t….sorta…


August 7 025

I swear. We did try.



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One Reply to “Chocolate Tsunami”

  1. Jillian was pretty nice to share with us!!! 🙂 Think of how long she could’ve snacked on that all by herself! 😉 She’s a good egg!

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