Tidies: A Repurposed Gift!


Alright mamas, tell me I’m not the only one. (And, please, ignore the dirty carpet.)

I’ve lost so many wipes this way. So. Many.

There’s just something about the wet wipes, that will bring babies far and wide to just keep pulling them out one by one.

Enter the brilliant Grammy.Ausust 31 179

Yes, that is a wipe container. With pretend wipes in it.Ausust 31 178

Brilliant, I tell you.Ausust 31 173

It keeps them occupied for, well, longer than most things occupy a 20-month-old.Ausust 31 169

Except maybe a brand new pack of real wipes.Ausust 31 168

Sometimes, they even cooperate while playing with this new toy.Ausust 31 166

Which, of course is a great thing in and of itself.Ausust 31 165

Grammy made these pretend wipeys with an old plastic tablecloth. Which, being plastic means this is a “close supervision” toy.Ausust 31 156

Of course, you could make little squares out of fabric, and if you’re really in a hurry,you can even buy them pre-cut. Check out the Moda Charm Packs. They’d be perfect. Pre-cut 5.5 inch squares. You could sew around the edges to keep from fraying (though, they’re already pinked), or use some Fray Stop around the edges (it’s washable!)Ausust 31 155

One of the best innovations we’ve had around here in a long time.

A great way to use some leftover fabric, or plastic (only with supervision!), and keep a plastic wipe container out of the landfill. In fact, you could even stock up on these and make some for all the little ones you know! (Pssst! Christmas is sooner than you think…)

OH! We will return to our regularly scheduled posts on Wednesday, when Launi (Mom, Grammy) gets back from her HypnoBirthing conference in FL. Sorry for hijacking the blog. My mom made me.

At least she showed me how to keep my real wet wipes safe before she left.


~ April


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  1. I love this… so creative and it really does keep them entertained! 🙂 I think the cloth ones are a good idea too, but I like that these ones don’t pick up lint or anything! 🙂 I have a bunch of those boxes too! We only need one… but every time we buy wipes in bulk… there’s another!

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