Birthday Boy

So here it is. The very day that my baby boy turns into…a real, live grown-up.

Of course he’s been great big and quite grown for a long time–but the adult-thing is official now.

So I guess he can go to the theater on the other side of the world, without his mother if he wants to. Ha. Look at that poor little Russian lady sitting behind those two American grizzly bears. She should get her money back, cause she’s gonna miss this one unless she changes her seat!


Oh, he’s a good, happy boy and I love him so much. It’s been a million years since he left and to be quite honest, I’m missing him dreadfully. He’s doing a wonderful job over there in Siberia, but the best news is that on his next birthday, he will be back home at last.

Trust me, I’m counting down the days!

Happy 21st Birthday my sweet, silly far, far away boy. Be well. Be safe. Be happy.

We love you and miss you more that you’ll ever know.

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  1. awww! this post today was so sweet! I’m gonna cry…
    I love the photo with them in the kitchen sitting down. did the plant take that picture? impressive! poor little babushka in the theater… oh well at least they are TAME grizzly’s I just hope she doesn’t try to take a trophy home, those little russian grandmothers are tough man, they dont mess around! and the last one… where he is pretending to walk? its like he is saying “See? I’m busy! I do stuff!” haha that boy will be missed for a short while longer but russia will miss him longer because its not like he can just hop on back for a quick visit. its hard either way. How lucky those young men are! to share the gospel, see the world and become best friends with the good people living out there…. their family away from their family. its a truly great program ^_^

  2. Rachael I just love you! You just made my silly little mama-heart calm down and beat properly this morning. I confess, I’m a pretty terrible missionary mom sometimes. I just miss them so much that I cry. I’ll be braver…I promise. Thanks for your kind words they have helped me so much.


  3. OH man… I miss him so much too! He’s one of my best friends! I’m so lucky to have brothers and sisters, ***AND A MOM*** that I love so, so, sooo much! I hope my own little kids will grow up to be as good of friends as we all are!

    Happy Birthday to one freaking awesome dude. Work hard and come back JUST when you’re supposed to… because we won’t be able to wait any longer than that! šŸ˜€

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