Bring It…

Ok, so it’s November 5th and you would think that nippy weather and snow would be almost expected by now—even welcomed by some of us right? Well, of course, right.

But here’s the snafu–this picture was taken 3 weeks ago on a random snowy day, 1 day–wedged right in between weeks of 70 degree days, then, and ever since. In fact, it’s getting kinda creepy how warm it is right now. We’re in the Rocky Mountain for Pete’s sake! It’s November and I’m still wearing sandals and haven’t even put on my coat yet…not once.

Where’s the “Jack Frost nipping at your nose” thing that should be going on?!

How can we possibly get into the holiday spirit when it’s sunny and warm out there? Mother Nature–what are you thinking? You are confusing us all. Sheesh.

I speak for the snow lover’s of the world when I say, “We’re being robbed, and something MUST be done!”

Therefore, we will be out back all day, chanting for real, true, November weather to replace this ridiculous May stuff. Yes, I said chanting.

You are welcome to join us.

Bring your own cymbals.

Oh, and don’t tell my mom…chanting gives her the heebee jeebies.

13 Replies to “Bring It…”

  1. Oh man…please do not invite winter here. It’s inviting all the colds and coughs that comes with it. 🙁 I guess I am a Summer girl. I need to move far far away where it is warm forever! Then maybe I can miss the cold. 🙂 Sounds like a good plan to me.

  2. Tracy- the first time you have to have the A/C on to cook a thanksgiving or Christmas dinner or turn it on in the car to go Christmas shopping- you’ll never wish for it again! I love the seasons- bring on the snow!!!

  3. I know–I know. Sorry. I grew up in California and it was too weird to have it be hot for Thanksgiving when all the books talk about sleigh rides and snow. I felt ripped off.


  4. When my kids were little I remember making them pretty little undershirts for the cooler weather. And I love the sweaters and cute socks and layers that you can put on the kids. Not to mention the holiday feeling that come with it all. Maybe I’ll start making some undershirts again for the everyone else’s kids. These are all good memories for me.

  5. Alright now you COLD WEATHER WUSSES. {You know who you are.}

    Snow is awesome.
    Cold weather is awesome.
    I know a chicky who can make hats for your littles, and another place you can get daily echinacea supplements. Hats, socks, undershirts.
    Eat lots of oranges and grapefruit.
    And don’t skimp on the handwashing.
    There now, you can love winter too!

    Oh, and ps: christmas lights just look stupid without snow.

    Amen. 🙂


  6. Talk to us when it is January & you are knee deep in snow. Then you will be wishing for the warmer weather.

    But I do know how you feel, even though I am in SoCal where it has been almost 100 degrees for the past week. I want cooler weather for the holidays too. Snow for Christmas would be fantabulous!!! But it ain’t gonna happen here.

  7. Cold? Who here has been to the humid Lithuania for their six months of winter? Hmmmm… Merry Christmas! 😛 Pretty sure I was in dress shoes and a wool coat when it hit -30 below with wind. So fun! Nose hairs freeze only to thaw with each out going breath. Quite the sensation: freeze, thaw, freeze, thaw, esc. Plus 😉 in America let us be grateful this month especially that even strangers for the most part are willing to share a conversation and greet you with a smile. The American Christmas Spirit is something to be loved. Bring the snow! All of it! The hearts of good Americans, regardless of religion warms us this time of year!

  8. I’ll take it ALL!!! 😀 I LOVE being where it’s some of everything! We get all four seasons and it’s awesome! I know I’d get sick of the hot sun just as much as the cold snow if I didn’t have them both. YAY for seasons! 🙂

  9. I do LOVE snow, snow balls, snowball fights, building snow forts, skiing, SNOWSHOEING, snow angels, hats, long sleeves and even shoveling the sparkling snow off the sidewalks HOWEVER>>>>I am completely IN LOVE with this ACTUAL fall weather we are having. I hope it stays this way ALLLLLLLLLLL through the month of November. Three, four and sometimes 6 months of snow can wait and start in December!

  10. Today was a perfect “November” day if you ask me. We played outside for 2+ hours. It should stay this way until after Thanksgiving. Then it can dump as much snow as we can possibly handle.

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