Great Pumpkin Ready…

so to speak.

Look at this photo very carefully. What’s wrong with this picture? Well, other than the fact that it’s a bit blurry–what else is really, REally wrong here? Hmmmm?

Ha! There now. That’s much better.

Daney-boy has told me many times that his favorite memory in the world was when he was little and and came home from school to find the house all decorated for Halloween…just like magic! He missed it even when he was far, far away in Lithuania.

Oh, but now look this direction. Tsk…tsk. Positively dreadful.

Just a few subtle changes…here and there. Would you like to see them up close? Okkkk…try not to be too frightened. {snicker, snicker}

Oh, yeah…

Halloween, Andersonian style…

…the Next Generation.

7 Replies to “Great Pumpkin Ready…”

  1. I love it! So fun! I have a few Halloween decorations up. You will have to come by to see them. I am a little busy! 😉

  2. I will have to come and see them. Guess I just didn’t notice them yesterday. Hope you are doing all right.
    We love you.


  3. Awww… Halloween! You always make it so fun and cozy 🙂 Definitely “Great Pumpkin” ready. It’s the most sincere patch ever 😉

  4. I just love, love, love decorating for Halloween. What makes us love it so much? This year I’ve been doing black & white Halloween decorating. Here are my links (you asked for it)

    And I still have more Halloween decorating to post about. Just haven’t had the time.

    Love what you have done. I see a couple of things that you have that I have too. Like the ceramic ghost that holds a pumpkin. Except I don’t have the pumpkin anymore. And I have the same plastic skeleton. But my stuff is still up in the attic. I don’t think they will make it down this year.

    Thanks for letting us link up our Halloween decor.


  5. It looks SOOO good! 🙂 I think decorating makes the season last longer. The last couple of years I’ve really slacked with decorations. I think we need to spook it up around here too! 😀

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