Water Babies

That One Chick #6

A lovely sunset by the lake you say?

No, no my friends.

—not even close.

What you are looking at here—surprisingly, is our front yard, after a very heavy rainfall.

No, we did not own lake front property…until this particular moment.

Over the years that we lived in this house–whenever it rained hard, all that water it came right in our basement windows. In fact, we were flooded a total of 13 times. Yeah, that’s what I said.

It got to where we’d almost laugh about it…


Don’t worry…we moved.

This, however, is what we learned from our silly  floody house:

Water, even a ton of water–beats fire…


18 Replies to “Water Babies”

  1. We had flooding issues in both of our homes in UT. Our basements flooded or came close to flooding. It’s quite scary!

  2. Oh, I am so glad to live out in AZ now instead of MI and to not have a basement and all of the basement issues. I remember lying awake at night listening to hear the sump pump kick on so that I knew that even with all of the rain we were ok in the basement. I love to be able to sleep through the few big rainstorms we get and not have to lie awake listening for a sign/sound of being ok.

  3. Oh, I agree–once we had the new deeper window wells it was fun to watch the kids play in the water with toy boats. But seriously, not when it’s pouring in the bedroom.

  4. Yeah, the city actually replaced April’s room twice because it was apparently their issue–not so much ours. But finally, they raised the level of the property and we dug deeper window wells. That solved the basement flooding problem.

  5. That’s a lot of flooding. We had mice once and they kept getting in and chewing the hose on the dishwasher and refrigerator. We got rid of them and then they cam back and did it again. Every time they flooded our kitchen. It happened 2 or 3 times.

  6. I agree water is better than fire — but water is still awful. When my hubby and I first moved into our house over a decade ago, we had a slew of water problems. (Tree roots backing up the pipes, the roof leaking, the dishwasher flooding the kitchen, etc.) It felt like the movie, The Money Pit. One thing after another after another. I often tease my husband that marrying him jinxed me — our last name is Waters! lol

  7. Ewwwah. Not a big fan of mice. But I just bring my “Jiff the Mouse Slayer” kitty with me and we live a mostly rodent free life. We do have to dispose of the little dead bodies occasionally though.

  8. Oh, that’s tooo funny! I suppose you can be glad his name wasn’t something like Johnny Tsunami or Harry Huricane. Billy Blaze wouldn’t work either. Heh.

    But I do love that movie. I could watch Tom Hanks stuck in the floor singing to himself forever and ever and ever.

  9. Was that your old house? Or the one you had when you were younger? It looks so different in the picture.

  10. That was the one I grew up in. Waking up to water pouring in through the windows is not my favorite sound. They have those alarm clocks with “babbling brook” or “serene ocean” sounds to wake you up… but I’d take an annoying buzzer any day than scare myself awake thinking our house was flooding again!

  11. This is the view from our front door, out into the yard and street. It isn’t looking AT our house. That’s why it doesn’t look familiar to you.

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