The Cheeto Fix

“That One Chick” #5

Ever since I was a little girl, my favorite snack has been Cheetos. Almost any kind will do, but my very favorite are the real, live Cheetos brand…

baked. To me…the others don’t even count.

I loved Cheetos so much that at Christmastime, while everyone else was getting a stocking filled with tons of goodies, I got one with a bag of Cheetos stuffed in it. My brother quickly pointed out to me that I was being completely ripped off, and that maybe I should ask Santa to just put the bag of cheese puffs under the tree next time. It took me a while to figure out what he meant.

Last year, on Gracious Rain, we had a Cheetos taste test, because I had no idea that there were so many different kind in the world. Amazing. Wonderful. Inspired. It was a grand event with everyone getting ballots and samples so that they could judge accurately. Of course, since it was my taste test, I felt completely justified in stacking the vote.

Cheetos baked won hands down.

Don’t believe me?

Click here.

I believe we sang several chorus’ of “It’s my taste test and I’ll cheat if I want to, cheat if I want to, cheat if I want to…”

24 Replies to “The Cheeto Fix”

  1. Ohh, I am with you on the cheetos thing! They are sooooo addicting! We eat them for every holiday and I can’t keep them safe in the house because I will probably eat them myself! I think I have fed each one of the kids cheetos from the time they could hold them in their busy little hands.

  2. Oh hoooray! A truly kindred spirit!! My kids were raised on them–in fact, it’s a wonder they don’t all glow in the dark! ha ha. Sadly, my grandbabies had to wait a while before sampling the “real” thing. I suppose it’s healthier, but still…

  3. I LOVE Cheetos!! Unfortunately, my husband does not like Cheetos, so we don’t get them very often. But when I get a chance to, I get those yummy cheesy treats!

  4. Husband-schmusband. A girl has a right to her own delights, regardless of how somebody else feels about it.

    A Cheeto stash is a must have for the perfect life.

    hee hee

  5. Oh, the kids and I love Cheetos. I cannot keep them in the house though because a bag w/ any in them is not safe. My kids want a big container of the cheese balls. So I have negotiated w/ them and told them that when we hit the 100th school day of 2010 we will celebrate by counting, and eating 100 of many different things. Can you guess what one of them are???? Yes, the cheese balls. And they each want their own 100. Cheese balls are fine, but I love a cheese puff!!!!!

  6. Oh Launi,
    You woke up my craving, I just ran out to the store in town and bought three bags (two of which are gone already!) I bought them for a movie fest this afternoon with the family, but I walked in the door and attacked and mauled by three munchkins who ripped open the bags and devoured them in one mighty gulp! (well, I might have gotten one or two!) 🙂

  7. Oooooh—the Cheese balls….uuuuummmmmm! YUM! Remember when Planters came out with the cheese balls in the cans? Oh, my–now THEY were good. I’d like to find those again.

  8. I am a fan of those orange little puffs myself…although I prefer the crunchy ones. However, they do have one drawback. You can’t sneak them…the orange fingers are a dead giveaway. lol

  9. Well, to tell the truth, I have eaten my share of the crunchy ones–you know to be able to conduct an honest taste test–wink-wink, and I suppose they will do in a pinch…or if you are on a desert island with nothing but melba toast and crunchy cheetos.
    Then, you’d have no real choice now would you?

  10. Oh, ok. Fine. I will still be friends with you.

    But only because you are a lovely soul—not because of your poor taste in cheetos.


  11. I love Cheetos – the puffed ones in the picture, I love those the best, I don’t know why. What is it about Cheetos that make you want to eat the whole. bag. YOURSELF! YUM! I want some now!

  12. So does your mom. I found that if I loved something a bit different that the others, I had them all to myself. So it’s all based in selfishness.


  13. i have not had cheetos in such a long time!
    but now i want them.
    only i know that every time i eat them, i always eat WAY too many and make myself sick. so i kind of feel like i really hate cheetos because i only associate them with a tummy ache.

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