With Honor

“As a young man, I had an opportunity to serve in the U.S. Air Force as a jet-fighter pilot. Each unit in our squadron had a motto that would inspire its efforts. Our unit motto—displayed on the side of our aircraft—was “Return with Honor.” This motto was a constant reminder to us of our determination to return to our home base with honor only after having expended all of our efforts to successfully complete every aspect of our mission. This same motto, “Return with Honor,” can be applied to each of us in our eternal plan of progression. Having lived with our Heavenly Father and having come to earth life, we must have determination to return with honor to our heavenly home.”

Robert D. Hales

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  1. We’re so excited to see this young man again. I know he’s been an awsome missionary. Good examples help us all to try a little harder to be a little better. And helping each other to our ultimate destination is what it’s all about.

  2. Me too~
    it’s very interesting to know the original phrase was used during war time. I love knowing that there was a time when personal integrity was a goal for nearly everyone.

  3. Four days…four days…
    I know I’ve been an absolute sap, but we need this boy back. :] I miss his laughter ringing through our house.
    Didn’t Lucy Mack Smith say something about loving and lifting each other…”so that we may all sit down in heaven together?”

    What a lovely thought.


  4. Launi and family dear, I’m so excited for you to get your missionary back. It’s the best feeling in the whole wide world to watch that young man come down that escalator at the airport and feel the anticipation of being in his arms. Then holding him and squeezing him for a long time. You never want to let go. What a great day ahead for you and happening soon!!!

  5. I am so excited for Dane to come back. 🙂 It’ll be so fun to see how much he’s grown! 🙂

  6. Oh, I can hardly wait. He’s actually having a huge struggle at having to leave and come home. He loves it there so much. But we kinda knew that would happen.

    Didn’t you want to come to our silly movie party with us? :]

  7. 2 more days, that is all that is left. I cannot believe that Dane is also back home to you. There has to be so much exciting anticipation at your home. I am praying for his safe return and for a wonderful evening celebrating. Enjoy seeing him for the first time, and every time after that. Blessings.

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