Winter Schminter…

With all the busy-ness and excitement of this holiday season, with all the gift-giving and new babies and stuff to make—I never got around to sending any Christmas cards. Now, I know that there aren’t actually that many dinosaurs left these days that like to send them…but I do. So I missed it because my days were filled with so much to do all ready. We even had pictures to send this time (whine, whine). Oh, how’d that baby picture get in there?

Then, while at Michael’s a few days ago, I accidentally took a walk down the dollar aisle–a very dangerous place indeed. For me, the dollar aisle always turns into the twenty-dollar aisle, so I was wary. Then, I spotted some really cute cards. They were a set of 10, Mary Engelbreit notes–with blank insides…on the dollar aisle. They weren’t Christmas or New Year’s cards. In fact, they didn’t mention any holiday at all.

These great little doo-dads are making it possible to connect with all the people that I normally grab up at Christmastime–only now, in the lull of the holidays–at a time that isn’t quite so busy. So maybe instead of that scrawled message inside, I can actually write a real note…or letter even. Depends on my mood.

I think I’ll call them Winter Cards.


I feel a new tradition coming on…

New Year’s Goal #8– I will write a real letter to Dane–not  just email–every week because sometimes you just need to find something in the mailbox.

3 Replies to “Winter Schminter…”

  1. You’re a goof. “Oops, how did a picture of the baby get there?” Too funny.

    I like writing hand-written letters better too.

  2. Just remembered that I sent you guys a Christmas Card because it was the first year I was on the ball in time and it came back so I obviously don’t have a correct address for y’all. Send that to me somtime…please!

  3. I love getting cards and letters in the mail! 🙂 I wouldn’t care if someone sent me a St. Patricks Day card… because it would just brighten my world. Good for you for staying in touch with people. I’m sure they’ll be happy to hear from you! 🙂

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