What a Feeling…

Positively nuts–that’s what I kept saying over and over again—all weekend long…

at the response to daughter April’s “Quilts For Japan” post. Wonderful people just kept coming.

We don’t have all the stats yet on how many quilts we have yet–quite a few people took some home to finish–but this I know…the stack you are looking at right now is about a foot and a half from the ceiling! Thank you soooo much everyone who came. You are all so amazing and generous. We had a fabulous time and are still getting quilts left on the porch by night~thank you, thank you little quilting elves. :}

We’ll get back to everyone with the numbers in a few days–with pictures too, but in the meantime we are still very busy putting together quilt packets with all the fabric and batting we have left. If anyone would like to take a pre-cut quilt packet to make at home, it would be so appreciated.

Just email AprilRosenthal@gmail.com for the details.

And again–thank you all so much for your kindness and support. Sisters helping sisters.

What a feeling.


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  1. It just made my heart pound to see so many people. April said there were 75 people at one time when she counted. That’s fabulous. People are just so good. :}

  2. I think you are all so wonderful for doing this. You really are an inspiration.

  3. There may be a language barrier between here and there, but when so many people receive these they will be speaking the universal language…..A SMILE! 🙂
    It’s fantastic what you’ve all done! And made with so much love makes them all the better.

  4. It brings tears to my eyes to see what has been accomplished in the mere week since Japan’s tragedy. It is truly inspiring seeing countless people working together to do good for complete strangers in need. I look forward to reporting to my mom on the final numbers of how many quilts get done 🙂

  5. I wish I could have been there to see all of this! What fun though, and hopefully we can get the rest figured out so they can have them asap 🙂

  6. Just thought you would like to know this went even farther than what was done there on Saturday! I live in Florida, but shared your post on Facebook since my family is all back in Utah county, mostly there in Orem. Well, a counselor in the Releif Society presidency in my ward here is a big quilter and saw the post and now she’s organizing something in our stake! I’m so excited to help with it all! I was so bummed I couldn’t come to the one you put together!

  7. It’s been so wonderful to see so many people–so willing to help. We had quite a few people from Japan there too. It was very moving.

  8. You would have loved it. All the friends from everywhere coming together…and they’re still coming with quilts. It’s amazing.

  9. Thank you so much for telling us about this. It’s so wonderful. If your RS would like to send the quilts through the same connection–have them contact me and I’ll give them the info. I’m so happy for you guys–you’ll love how this feels.

  10. aunt launi, i wanted to let you know that it also spread up here to idaho. our pack meeting theme was compassion so the leaders felt this was a good idea. our pack tied 3 quilts last night, with the cub scouts doing the majority of the ties. it was fantastic. thanks for sharing this idea!

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