The “Sunday Bib”

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A common complaint from moms all over the place is that at dinner time, their babies are nice and covered with bibs all except for their arms. No problem, unless they are wearing long sleeves. Now they still need to change because they have apple sauce on their elbows. To these moms–I say…Meet the “Sunday Bib.

Bibs 136

It’s nearly a smock but without so much back—and again, it’s made from a disguarded T-shirt and a cute new washcloth. Sorry, couldn’t help the Halloween colors. It must have been the moon…

Bibs 068

We cut the bottom of the shirt off about 2 inches below the sleeves.  Then, just put the washcloth where you want it and pin it in place–to just one side of the shirt.

Bibs 071

Be sure to keep the back side fabric out of the way–and sew the washcloth onto the shirt a few inches below the neck ribbing.

Bibs 073

You may want to take in a bit of the sleeve if the shirt is really huge. Just trim off the excess.

Bibs 075

Slit up the back side of the shirt. You can fold in and sew all the raw edges if you’d like to, but that’s the beauty of using T-shirt fabric–it doesn’t fray, so you don’t HAVE to unless you want to.

Bibs 079

Sew a tie of ribbon or soft string at the neck top, on each side. I used the shiny cord from old gift bags. It’s the perfect length and it comes in every color of the rainbow. Hey, you were throwing it out anyway!

Bibs 122

And there you have it my darlings. It’s quick and simple and every mom that sees it says, “Ohhhh, yeaaaah. That’s what we need!”

Bibs 090


Like magic.

It’s yours.

5 Replies to “The “Sunday Bib””

  1. Ever thinking… that’s you alright! I’m glad SOMEone finally wats to help me in my quest to keep Baby Chomps arms and sleeves clean! Thanks! I love it!

  2. Genius! I want one…two…alright 3…because we all know Mallory still needs to be kept clean. You are so smart!

  3. Cool! I have just been putting dish cloths around my toddler’s neck, but these long sleeve bibs (appropriately named the Sunday bib) look great.

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