8 Replies to “Volturi Dip”

  1. Volturi….isn’t that the name of the very powerful vampires that Edward goes to in “New Moon”?

  2. You go Bat Chips!!! Stick it to the Volturi!


    I hope that copyright people decide to eat this dip, instead of your face! šŸ˜‰ Free advertising, right?!? I personally love it! The name AND the dip… YUM!!!

  3. Thanks man. So if you know anyone else who would be so kind as to vote…I only need three more to be in 4th place! Do your kids have email addresses? Your dog? Your hamster?

  4. I’m too little for them to care about me. But seriously, doesn’t it make people say, “What’s a Volturi?” That can’t be bad for them. I gave it this name because it is cold, and has a bite.
    har har har!

  5. Love the chips idea!! SO CUTE – and clever! And I love your comment to Lyndi’s comment. You’re so witty! šŸ™‚ Love it!!

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