Turkey Cookie Pops

Ok, now seriously–how adorable is this guy? I mean, I just want to kiss him…

and then, of course, I want to gobble him up…

along with his entire sweet little family.

I first saw this fellow on Pinterest, but no matter how hard I searched, I couldn’t find any directions to make him. So, being the sturdy mountain folk that we are–we came up with our own way. Oh yeah…we shall not be thwarted.

Here’s all you need:

~Golden Oreos

~Nutter Butter Bites

~Gummy Raspberries

~Candy Corn- you can find them in the bulk candy section

~Royal Icing

~Sucker sticks


Unscrew two Oreos and gently press the two icing sides together to make your own “double stuff” cookie. Set the unfrosted cookie halves off to the side to eat later…or now. Either way.

Carefully poke the tips of 5 or 6 candy corn pieces into the frosting–around the edge for the tail feathers.

Next, with a smidge of icing–glue on Nutter Butter bite onto the Oreo for the head.

Break off a tip of another candy corn and “glue” it on for the beak.

With scissors, cut the sides of the gummy raspberry into little waddles. Aren’t they just perfect? Glue them along the top and side of beak. Add icing eyes.

~If you’re like me, this is the hardest part. I swear, I can ruin the cutest project on the face of the earth by trying to make the eyes. THIS time, I let Lyndi make a whole sheet of icing eyeballs so that I have a two year supply.

Holding the cookie carefully together, slide a sucker stick into the middle frosting–and tie a cute little bow around it.

These would make pretty little place markers for the Thanksgiving table–or a lovely little welcome prize for your holiday guests–don’t you think?

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β€œLet us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.”

β€” Marcel Proust

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  1. I am grateful for you my dear friend. Thank you for all the wonderful and fun things you share everyday. It makes my world happier.

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