True Confession

Alright, alright, it’s time. You see, I have a secret. A deep dark one. I’ve been having a love affair, and it’s high time I let the cat out of the, um, bag, so to speak. Or actually, the Warcraft character out of the armory. Here’s the thing: I’m a gamer. Some people would even call me “hard core” but that just sounds dirty, so let’s skip it. So, I confess. Even though I rag on my cute bald boy about playing WoW, and try to sabotage his questing by turning his epic flying mount the wrong direction when he’s not looking, I’m secretly just trying to get more achievement points than him. But, since I’ve only been playing in the middle of the night (ever wonder why my posts here show up at midnight? It’s my excuse to stay up the rest of the night doing dungeons and raids!) I’ve had to resort to sabotage in order to beat him.

I’m excited though, because now that the word is out, I expect the rest of you closet gamers to invite me to your guilds, so I can choose the best one. These PUGs are getting old.


P.S. My WoW character is a level 80 (!!!) Paladin. For those of you who haven’t joined the cult played WoW, you should know that level 80 is the highest level in the game. It takes a lot of work and dedication to get a character this high. Not to mention that I have some dang fine gear. Oh, and Paladins? They’re basically sturdy mountain women with plate metal armor and holy magic. So pretty much I can kill anything with a sword or my righteous magic, and it can’t even touch me. I figure that pretty much reflects me in real life.


This whole post is a big, fat fib!! I don’t know how to play this game and APRIL wrote this post. Sheesh.

11 Replies to “True Confession”

  1. LOL, that is so funny- I am still trying to master the brain challenge games on DS, I cant even imagine progressing to become a warrior! DJ just went and checked on the professor Layton and the curious village game for me- the guy told him it was hard and makes you feel stupid, I told him forget it I can do that on my own!

  2. My, my, my!!! The things we find out about our friends. Who would have ever thunk? Not me! I haven’t played a video game since Nintendo first came out. But my boys love playing video games. I don’t think they play WoW though. Sorry!

  3. The best part is that anyone would believe that I even know how to talk like that. I don’t even know what she’s saying. But it was pretty funny anyway. Good one APRIL. Oh, and what’s a PUG?

  4. Sue… I have Professor Layton and The Curious Village if you want to borrow it! Of course… you’ll have to come down here to get it! 😉 I really liked it though, but there were TOTALLY some of the puzzles that had me, Nate AND Rhen putting our heads together!

    Mom… You should be careful who you let hack your site! 😉 Apparently April was too convincing for everyone! 🙂

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