Tropical Cloud Burst

So there I am…minding my own business…sitting in a parking lot doing what mama’s do best. Waiting.

Oh, I had a good book and a bit of crocheting, but it was hot. Too-too hot to even think.

I fanned myself. I drank my water. I re-parked in a less sunny place. Nothing, however, could change the fact that it was indeed 103 degrees in our little spot of Heaven.

When all of a sudden a few warm and wet rain drops started to fall. Out of the blue. I figured out where that term came from because the sky had a few sunny clouds–but none directly overhead. Nothing…It was weird.

As if they heard my thoughts on the subject a few more brave clouds began to roll in…

sprinkling a few more raindrops. I am positively in love with the smell of rain-wet streets so I not only left the windows open so I could take it all in…

but I pushed the car door open too.

And I can prove it.

In Hawaii, they say that nearly every day there is a sweet little cloud burst. Just for a minute or two. No need for an umbrella.  Hardly even enough to get you wet.

and then it’s gone…

leaving barely a trace.


Four minutes–start to finish.

Take that, Hawaii.

5 Replies to “Tropical Cloud Burst”

  1. Those were so cool. They happened for about 2 days straight. I’m glad you timed it. I was wondering how long one of those lasted. They were so dang cool. I was weeding, and boy, did it help!! 🙂

  2. Someone once told me that when it rains and the sky is blue that it is an elephant’s birthday. I am not sure if it is true or not, but as a child it was fun to think about.

  3. Oh, I bet it did. I need it to happen again–like tomorrow for about and hour this time. Sooo many weeds…not enough energy.

  4. Well…in the long range scheme of things, I suppose most days are SOME random elephant’s birthday. So perhaps it’s true. I choose to believe it.
    Happy Birthday Pachyderms everywhere!!

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