Too soon…

There is a sadness in our world right now, that somehow seems inappropriate to leave unspoken–and so, I will share it with you–my friends.

“Porter” by Elspeth Young

Our dear friend and neighbor, Susette

oh, I can hardly say the words…

lost her son–Porter, just 18, in a tragic hiking accident Friday afternoon.

Our hearts ache for the family of this wonderful boy.

Please, please, take a moment to send your thoughts and prayers–that they may find comfort at this very difficult time.

Susette, Mark, Kali, Cooper, Jordan…and Porter–

please know of our love and tears for your sorrow—my sweet friends. We pray that you will feel Heavenly Father’s comforting arms around you all.

So much love,

4 Replies to “Too soon…”

  1. Oh… my heart just keeps aching for them. How brave they are being and how much I wish I could just scoop them all up and hug them and cry with them. Sending lots of love and prayers their way for sure!

    Elspeth did an amazing job! She is so sweet and kind. I admire her. Her work is always just beautiful!

  2. There is nothing to say at a time like this, except that I am so sorry and my heart and prayers go out to you. May you find the peace and comfort of knowing that the Lord is mindful of you all and loves you.

  3. Oh what sad news. Thank you for sharing with all of us. I will definately keep the family and friends in my prayers during this time.

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