Gum Wrapper Chains

Did you know that the world’s most amazing gum wrapper chain is 11 miles long? Yeah, it’s true. It would actually take you several hours to walk the length of that thing. That’s just nuts!

Do you remember making gum wrapper chains as a kid? Dang they were cool. Kids used them for bookmarks or wall hangings or even belts, bracelets and rings.

We’ve made them out of regular gum wrappers, Starburst, Life Saver and Mamba wrappers. Obviously, a lot of different things work. If you don’t already know how to make them–I’ll show you step by step.

Everyone needs “mad skills” like this.


Cut the wrapper in half, long ways.

Fold up each edge about half way…

then fold in half again to form a long, skinny strip.

Now fold the long strip in half.

Now fold each end in half, to meet in the middle.

It should look about like this.

Now fold a million little “prongs” just like this.

Fit the two prongs of one piece into the slots of the other piece.

Push it all the way through until it can’t go any more.  It should look about like this.

Now take another “V” and slide it through the one you just fit in place…

and on…

and on and on…

Now try one yourself.

If you have any trouble–email me.

I’ll help you.

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Happy National Crochet Week!

March 8-14

14 Replies to “Gum Wrapper Chains”

  1. I will totally admit that I am lame and did not know how to make this until now. I don’t know how I survived my teenage years. 😉

  2. Thank heavens Kathy was brave enough to post first – not sure I could admit I’d somehow grown to adulthood and never made one. My kids have done them so at least they won’t be damaged in some way :).

  3. Yeah, well–I don’t know how either! Glad you don’t mind being dragged back into the 60’s where we actually had slumber parties where we sat around working on our gum chains. I have one in my cedar chest right this minute that is about 12 feet long and made from a gum that doesn’t even exist any more.

  4. I can’t tell you how many stake conferences I entertained the kids by slowly passing out Life Savers, then folding the wrappers into a chain. At the time there was always a chain in somebody’s scriptures. We’ve made them out of the foil gum wrappers too. Those ones are pretty.

    So you should practice up and surprise your kids with your new found skill. It really is so fun…kind of satisfying in some odd way.


  5. I love these… they really are sooo great! I’m still confused how people link them together to make them any thicker than one row. You’ve always made them sooo perfect and pretty! I hope the world gets filled with these awesome chains because you showed everyone how to make them!!! 😀

  6. I’d love to learn how to do all that double layer stuff too. We’ll have to look it up and figure it all out. I’m up for it–how about you?

  7. I would love to figure out how to do the double bracelet too. Please let me know if you figure out.

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