To My Mom

Sometime ago I said I

Loved you sixty ways

And counted them

To you.

But now I know I cannot

Count my love by

Any days.

My very breath is mine

Because you dared

To give your life that I might


Each day you gave to

Me that I might give

To mine

In my appointed time.

I cannot give to you

What you gave me

But to my own I pass

The torch

Then anxious, wait to


If they will pass to theirs

What you gave me

S. Dillworth Young

4 Replies to “To My Mom”

  1. 🙂 This is pretty!!! I was going to say something yesterday and make a post to go along with it… but life happened with the phone call, dinner, CSI Miami… heh. But I love you and I love Grandma too. Thanks for posting this! What a great Mother’s Day!

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