Third Grade Ricky

I grew up in Los Angeles back in the old days when the girls wore dresses and milk was 5 cents and everyone sat at big tables instead of desks and classes were big and we had no idea that we should be unhappy about it. I remember sitting at the table and being able to perfectly swing my leg out and kick the kid in front of me…at will.  Now, sincerely–I have no idea why I would do such a thing, because I was not a mean kid at ALL. But he was a funny guy and whenever I would whack him in the leg, he would jump and make a really–on purpose–goofy face, and bust up laughing. As a kid, I think I believed that somehow, we were, you know– playing. But now, a million years later, I’m pretty sure he was just a nice boy, who should have told me to quit it or he’d punch me in the head…but he didn’t. Shame on that silly little girl.

Anyway, I’ve always felt bad about that, and wished that I could fix it. I’d go back in time and UN-kick him about a hundred times. And so I say to the universe, “Ricky if your poor leg has healed after all these years and you don’t hate the very idea of me and if you ever just happen to read my blog and find this post–I want you to know that I have been really sorry for about 42 years that I ever-ever kicked you, and if I could I’d give you a huge bag of Cheetos and a million dollars to prove it…if I only could.

And we’d be friends.



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13 Replies to “Third Grade Ricky”

  1. Oh the things I remember doing to little boys in school. Some of them got even and some of them didn’t. Oh the joys of childhood.

  2. I was a kicker too only my target was my first grade teacher! I couldn’t explain to anyone why I would be so naughty because I really was a sweet little girl. It wasn’t until years later it all made sense. My little sister was at home all by herself with our mom and I didn’t like being left out – yep, I would have rather been home being loved unconditionally by my mom instead of in a class with a really crotchety old lady. She retired at the end of the year and my mom recognized, after the fact, that a class change probably would have solved the problem.

  3. Haha! You are so funny! That would be even funnier if he ever read it. Haha! What a cool kid.

  4. I love that picture of you from that year, but it’s even more fun to see it in context to the other kids in your school. Don’t you wonder where they are now? Maybe you should see if you can find them… or him at least 🙂

  5. I truly believe that it’s where we’ve been that helps us be better parents–so it all floats to the top in the end…somehow. :}

  6. There’s one girl in the picture that is on Classmates right this minute. I’ve talked to her. The girl in row 3 column B. Her name is Giselle. :}

  7. There are a number of boys I need to apologize to from my childhood. I beat up a few of them. :S Ok… that’s a little intense. I know there are people I kicked, choked, whacked with my sweater, and pulled their hair wAAAy too often for them to have ANY fond memories of me. :S

    At least now I know where I got it from.


  8. Confession… I kicked a kid too. Only one kid. Only once in 4th grade. In 7th grade I still remember that he was scared if he saw me with black shoes even though they weren’t the same ones at all. Sad…

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