Things To Love…

right this minute.


A brave old guy with a gimpy foot.


A weight loss book that finally makes sense.


A lovely bamboo box.


My treasures inside the lovely bamboo box.


A pretty girl on a perch.

010An afternoon in Ponyville.


Keepsakes on the windowsill.


A new project for a friend’s soon-to-appear baby boy.

Snow       Snow    Mostly Cloudy    Snow Snow

My favorite kind of weather forecast.


What are you loving today?

5 Replies to “Things To Love…”

  1. Well, not so that I’m content about it. I’ve taken him to the Vet 3 times and he’s had 6 doses of antibiotic but it still looks like a ping pong ball around his ankle. I asked the vet what we do next and he said, “As long as it’s not infected, we leave him alone.” So, I’ve been sneaking Frankincense Essential Oil on it every time he’s not looking–he doesn’t like it at all. Not really sure what else to do. 😕 Thanks for asking. I sure do love that old kitty.

  2. The sun and a few patches of blue sky.
    The kitchen counter mostly staying clear of clutter for 2 whole days.
    Surviving my morning workout (I will be down 10 lbs in a month if it kills me)
    Quilt blocks waiting to be joined together after I get a paper written.

  3. I love my box of oils too! 🙂 I also love…

    *Learning how to use all the oils in my box
    *Star shaped anything
    *Editing and organizing pictures
    *Counting down the days

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