Things To Love~

right this minute…

Mr. Beck’s little guy soccer game–that he simply LOVES!

A cozy comfort food of hash and hominy–a huge favorite dish from my childhood–that’s followed me to grown-up hood.

A couple of soggy water sprites that positively had to be locked out of the house.

Working on a few new patterns for the shop…more on that coming soon. :}

Patio lights on a warm summer evening.

A sleeping baby on your shoulder.

Musicians in the park just playing for the heck of it.

Meeting a dear, dear friend for the very first time…

and admiring all the gorgeous hats that she made by hand. This gal needs an Etsy shop I tell you!


Letting Miss Chompy check my purse for treats.

Finally, finally getting the coveted Root Beer Float Shave Ice–with real cream–before summer is totally…over.

2 Replies to “Things To Love~”

  1. Learning a new crochet pattern, watching my baby crawl around singing, and finishing up a quilt for my very patient almost 7 year old.

  2. I love so much on that list as well. It makes me want to go right back to the Farmer’s Market or chase down that Waffle Truck! 😉 Other things that I’m loving right now:

    *A long weekend coming up
    *Grass started to sprout from the seeds that were planted
    *Two sweet kids that are best of friends already
    *A loving, supportive husband who works so, So, SOOO hard ALL the time, without complaint (who was out BIRTHDAY shopping for me last night :D)
    *A Mom that isn”t just a mom, but a best friend too
    *A sweet little girl watching me type this (one handed) and telling a great story about what I’m writing (something about an adventure in the ‘Everfree Forest’ with WOLVES!)

    And now Miss Chomp wants to add some Smiley faces!

    😥 “He’s sad cause HE :mrgreen: got ALL his toys”

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