Things To Love~

right this minute…

Mr. Beck’s little guy soccer game–that he simply LOVES!

A cozy comfort food of hash and hominy–a huge favorite dish from my childhood–that’s followed me to grown-up hood.

A couple of soggy water sprites that positively had to be locked out of the house.

Working on a few new patterns for the shop…more on that coming soon. :}

Patio lights on a warm summer evening.

A sleeping baby on your shoulder.

Musicians in the park just playing for the heck of it.

Meeting a dear, dear friend for the very first time…

and admiring all the gorgeous hats that she made by hand. This gal needs an Etsy shop I tell you!


Letting Miss Chompy check my purse for treats.

Finally, finally getting the coveted Root Beer Float Shave Ice–with real cream–before summer is totally…over.

What about you?  What do you love right this minute?

2 Replies to “Things To Love~”

  1. Learning a new crochet pattern, watching my baby crawl around singing, and finishing up a quilt for my very patient almost 7 year old.

  2. I love so much on that list as well. It makes me want to go right back to the Farmer’s Market or chase down that Waffle Truck! 😉 Other things that I’m loving right now:

    *A long weekend coming up
    *Grass started to sprout from the seeds that were planted
    *Two sweet kids that are best of friends already
    *A loving, supportive husband who works so, So, SOOO hard ALL the time, without complaint (who was out BIRTHDAY shopping for me last night :D)
    *A Mom that isn”t just a mom, but a best friend too
    *A sweet little girl watching me type this (one handed) and telling a great story about what I’m writing (something about an adventure in the ‘Everfree Forest’ with WOLVES!)

    And now Miss Chomp wants to add some Smiley faces!

    😥 “He’s sad cause HE :mrgreen: got ALL his toys”

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