Things To Love In May


If you ever come to my house and don’t see a puzzle set up somewhere–take my temperature quick. I probably have a fever.

I love puzzles…always.

Finding a box of trinkets with some actual cool stuff inside. A tiny wooden sheep, an old spool, liquid luck and pixie dust.

I love stuff like that.

There have been lots of mystery things popping up all over the place around here. Have to wait to see if I’m happy about it or not. For now though, the hope of color here and there is very fun.

Love these crazy kitties of ours…Lyla and Chili napping…

and good old Hobbes–a bit under the weather. Rest up and get well boy.

Pink flowers–any kind, will make me happy all day long. Thanks Jillian!!

Oh, look–another…puzzle. Heh, heh.

A FAIRY DOOR!! I’ll show you more of this later, but for now, just know that I’m SOOOOO excited!!!

New books. History books. Church books. All my favorite things rolled between two covers! 

A beautiful quilt from my daughter–that’s my very own!!! Isn’t it gorgeous?! At last, at last!! I love it so, so much!

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  1. I agree. I love all those things too. I get obsessed with puzzles, love cats, and love finding long forgotten ”things”. Looks like you might have some cannas poking up in your garden. Post photos when they bloom and we’ll see if I’m right, hahaha.

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