Things To Love~

this very minute…


Singing “Happy Birthday” to my Bald Kid and having him actually here to blow out the candles. :}


Daughters planning a family vacation far away. I can hardly wait!


The first preseason football game of the year. Hey, to me, football is football and I’ll watch it whenever it comes on. It makes me so darn happy.


The Littles who are turning out to be such good friends, even when they are playing with…snails. Gak.


Seeing this cute van at a truck stop. Best wishes whoever you are!


Having a shameful, 7 episode Burn Notice marathon with the Bald Kid on one weekend. Just trying to get him caught up. We LOVE Michael Weston…the burned spy. :]

What about you? What do you love today?

2 Replies to “Things To Love~”

  1. Happy birthday to Rhen! 😀 A vacation sounds good right now too, let me know how it goes. XOXO

  2. I love reading through these list of things to love because you always capture things that I love as well! Birthdays, vacations, family, kids, entertainment. LOOOOOOOVE!

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