The Perfect Pout

That One Chick #12

Whenever there was an event–Easter, Christmas, Birthdays–any occasion that warranted a new fluffy dress, it always turned into a reason for my mom to get out the family camera and start posing the kids. Most of the time we didn’t mind but the one problem that we had was that when some kids–me, for instance–have a camera pointed at them they make some kind of…face…

maybe not intentionally, but still.

In response to the silly face, my mom would, say, “Now Launi, don’t be silly. Smile the right way.”

Which would, of course, embarrass me and I’d completely lose the ability to behave myself. Completely.

I could no longer smile–silly or otherwise–and all that would be left this ridiculous pout.

It apparently began when I was pretty darn young—

and went on for years.

Luckily, my mom finally figured out that it was best not to give any posing instructions at all.

Just point the camera, cross your fingers, and shoot.

What a relief…

to know…

that I don’t have that problem anymore.


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9 Replies to “The Perfect Pout”

  1. Isn’t it comforting to know that things don’t change??!! And the worst was you didn’t know what the pics would come out like till they were developed. My son loves to make these really strange faces when ever I pick up the camera. I loved your beautiful ruffly dresses. So sweet. I loved putting them on my daughter when she was little, along with “ruffly butts” – the ruffled pants to cover the diaper or under pants. So sweet.

  2. Ha ha! It’s like from Muppet’s Family Christmas, “Do that pouty thing! Do that pouty thing!” So cute 😉

  3. Cute pictures!! That sounds just like me, I get the camera out for every occasion and dress my girl up so cutesy, but she doesn’t like to sit still or smile or anything for pictures either! Doh! Oh well, we try. 🙂

  4. I have positively got stacks of pictures of kids making a dopey face. Usually not my own kids, because I made such a fuss about them NOT doing that. But our cousins ALL do it–even now when they are grown. It’s a bit annoying really. We have photos of birthdays, baptisms, graduations, even funerals and there they are making those faces. Sheesh…

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